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The List
They wander by,
so unaware of the
they inflict.
It lasts
only seconds
but unlocks the way to
a feeling of
that can't be
subdued by their image.
And they pass again,
their nameless faces
securing a place in
the list
of those who aided our
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I am weak
Take away water
and I feel thirst.
Take it away forever
and I die.
Take away food
and I feel hunger.
Take it away forever
and I die.
Take away my sight
and I feel fear.
Take it away forever
and I'm dependent.
Take away my hearing
and I feel isolation.
Take it away forever
and I'm lost.
Take away my voice
and I feel deserted.
Take it away forever
and I'm forgotten.
I am nothing more
than human,
and I write this to you now
while I still can.
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Observations from Civic Park
A city that pretends to be busy,
cars on the move try to
divert your eyes from
the trees and grass.
Amongst the humming of motors
and the occasional conversation,
is heard the chirping of birds
and the splatter of running water.
A city that pretends ....
old buildings trying to stand
as tall as they can,
like a younger sibling being
measured on a wall,
try to divert your eyes from the
vast blue sky that stretches
out to sea,
past the beaches in nearly
every direction.
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Two travelers with far to go
moving forward with no set intentions
find themselves drowning in
the flow of freedom.
Roads lead to no end
following the setting sun
to escape the dark
of the night sky.
Endless options lead to indecision
and the destructive power of opinion
two travelers with far to go
lead each other in circles.
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We have nothing
A meaningless generation
composed of dropkicks
in straight brimmed hats,
teenagers chasing the next scene,
alcohol turned candy
a world smaller than ever before.
We're the children of people
who lived for freedom
and saw Led Zeppelin in their prime.
We are left here searching
for our own meaning in
books and songs.
Trying to understand our world
in between mindlessly entertaining
each other and
despising those around us.
We are pointless.
We are strangely unashamed.
We are today.
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Caffeine and benzylpiperazine
At this time I should be in bed,
but i'm in the loungeroom alone instead,
i'm feeling people inside my head,
with frustrated angry faces.
At night each sound is heightened,
i'm paranoid, feeling frightened,
and I wish I could be enlightened,
as to what just made that noise.
I've got paper all around me,
this empty space surrounds me,
on a life boat no ones found me,
and my friends all fall away.
My coffee's now gone cold,
and the black pen that I hold,
doesn't know what it has told,
to a sparce and silent audience.
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We strive after the forbidden
With the fact that
I will one day die,
comes a quest
to find my own meaning,
to make my life
and all that occurs
within it,
meaningful, eternal.
I'm placed in a position
where I can strive
to make a difference,
or merely pass into
the shadows of
non-existence in
an eternal silence.
I am faced with
boundless freedom and
the ability of choice,
until someone or something
choses my ending.
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The North Wind
The north wind blows,
softly flowing through trees,
past the fruit it took
time to bear.
It picks up scents
as it passes into Autumn,
moving with no intent,
it floats towards you,
running though your hair,
like I long to,
like I never may.
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Why not
I've got my bags packed
with nowhere to go
there's a rope attached
to the basket of my balloon.
The wind is passing
the sky is free.
I'm ready to know
but gravity is too strong.
I need some trouble
in a different name,
in a small room
I see light through my window.
I'm waiting for a sun shower
to wash me away.
One day I may turn up
on your door step.
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I find pleasure in my freedom
I sit myself, aged 33,
on the floor of my reasonably
clean (as in tidy) lounge room,
holding the handle of
a "machine gun" I threw together
with a stool,
a few cushions and a
broom stick.
My neighbours, of
varied ages,
hidden in their houses,
going about their business,
are shot down.
I stand, move to the table,
and pour myself a rum and coke.
I bask in my own amusement
as I turn on the TV.
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6 faces, 8 vertices, 12 edges
A dice rolls across a table,
a desk,
the floor,
a friends bedroom,
only water for a month.
The kitchen,
a bench,
a bed,
wake up before 8 am every day.
It rolls down an aisle in a library,
in a book store,
down a street,
write a letter every day for a week,
compose me a piece of music.
.... dice rolls a six.
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I am a man.
Commonly called alone.
A name that may lead to
partial conclusions
by observers
and those who name me.
I am adaptable.
Influenced by habitat.
Yet persuasively submissive
to the unwavering hunger
I am an animal.
Not prowling for prey,
but solitary.
Waiting beside a bush,
each night,
for a partner.
While the moon
counts time
in the sky above.
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I thought i'd go for a walk
On a Saturday night
the streets become littered
with the young,
the air becomes tainted
by scents of potent perfumes,
deodorant sprays and alcohol,
the streets become darker,
the faces accusing,
and the air tastes of
cars pass by in groups of two or three,
looking to join the fray
or huddle together to
avoid it.
I walk right through
the middle of an ongoing
scene, occasionally looking
over my shoulder.
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Descartes was a philosopher
I read mention in a book
of a man named
René Descartes,
who had a fetish
for cross eyed women.
I immediately began
to try and picture
anyone I may know
with this condition.
Women with crossed eyes.
I thought of one,
though hers weren't quite crossed,
one was merely crooked.
Cross eyed women.
I began to picture
people I knew,
forcing their eyes to cross,
and they all seemed to
be smiling.
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I'm leaning towards pride
The air is full of repetition and odours
with a pre-determined brand
of spontaneity ruling each moment
When it all begins to feel heavy
a silence falls upon the scene
making room for forced attention on music
Words are whispered and yelled
and the way we deal with them
could lead to strong feelings of pride
or desperate stupidity.
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Joshua Foy
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